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REVA 2016 - Group pictures

Posetd 20/09/16


Before being able to share some presentations of the 2016 Seminar, we are happy to publish two photos of the REVA team 2016!

See you soon,

Janie Molard, REVA Manager, a CVA Programme


REVA 2016

Posetd 22/08/16

The REVA Seminar 2016 which took place in Hardthausen / Lampoldshausen in Germany from 18 to 21 July 2016, under the CVA presidency of his Mayor, Mr. Harry Brunnet, with the following theme: " Spatial Propulsion, today and tomorrow ", was organized by the CVA, the Forum Ariane Lampoldshausen and ISSAT, in cooperation with the Municipality of Hardthausen / Lampoldshausen and the DLR_School_Lab Lampoldshausen.

We thank all the actors and speakers who made a success of this seminar.

And thank you to the 15 participants who, in a good atmosphere, have participated with a great commitment in the program, and have already new projects for their pupils. They promised to promote REVA and to recruit new participants for the next year!

See you soon!


REVA Seminar 2016 - last version

Posetd 11/07/16

See hereafter the last version of the REVA 2016 programme: REVA2016.pdf

Concerning the practical information, please refer to the previous news.


REVA Seminar 2016 - Program and practical information

Posetd 30/06/16

update: 07/07/16

Dear Participants,

Please find hereafter the updated version of the REVA Seminar Programme 2016, still subject to slight improvments (link) and some practical details that will be helpful to you.

Best regards,

Janie Molard, Project manager
How to get from Stuttgart Airport to Heilbronn and back to Stuttgart Airport
There is a Tram/Metro from Airport to Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof (main station) that runs quite often. From there, there is a train to Heilbronn Hauptbahnhof (main station). The whole stuff costs 16 Euro, tickets can be purchased in the machines at the airport. B&B Hotel is 5 minutes from Hauptbahnhof. is the english information system.
For people who leave before the end of the seminar on 21st July after noon, we are asking for price information for a taxi from DLR to Heilbronn Railway station and will inform them.
Other practical information/links
Gemeinde Hardthausen/ City Hall of Hardthausen
Lampoldshauser Straße 8
74239 Hardthausen
Corina Apfelbach, Sekretariat Bürgermeister/Secretary of the Mayor
Tourist information Office of Heilbronn
Tourism in Baden-Württenberg
B&B Hotel Heilbronn
Mozartstraße  24
74072  Heilbronn
Tel.:  +49 (0) 7131 / 74960
Fax:  +49 (0) 7131 / 7496444
Map of the Area of Heilbronn (link)
Heilbronn University
DLR portal
Eduard-Mörike-Gymnasium Neuenstadt


REVA Seminar 2016: Programme, announcement & Registration form

Posetd 04/05/16

Dear REVA members,

As indicated before, the next REVA Seminar will be held in Hardthausen / Lampoldshausen in Germany from 18 to 21 July 2016, under the CVA presidency of his Mayor, Mr. Harry Brunnet. The theme is : "Space Propulsion, today and tomorrow".

The seminar is organised by the CVA, the Forum Ariane Lampoldshausen, and ISSAT, in cooperation with the Municipality of Hardthausen / Lampoldshausen, DLR_School_Lab Lampoldshausen.

Please find hereafter :

Looking forward to meeting you at this 9th session of REVA, we thank you for sending quickly your registration forms!


Janie Molard
Programme Manager of the REVA programme of the CVA